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Bella's Lullaby from The Twilight Soundtrack by Carter Burwell 

Bella's Lullaby sheet music for intermediate piano solo


Bella's Lullaby from The Twilight Soundtrack Sheet Music by Carter Burwell - Intermediate Piano Solo

Bella's Lullaby is heard in the Twilight movie.  It is played in the scene when Edward and Bella are in the trees and then Edward plays the piano.  It is classified as an intermediate level since it has a continuous sequence of interval patterns that requires hand jumps and movements.  The piece is in an ambiguous key but hovers around e minor/G major.



If you are looking for to purchase sheet music for The Twilight Soundtrack, I recommend the following sheet music collection, which includes the full version of Bella's Theme and other music by composer Carter Burwell.  

Twilight - The Score: Music from the Motion Picture (Piano Solo Songbook)

Based on Stephenie Meyer's popular vampire-romance novels, the movie Twilight includes unforgettable music by composer Carter Burwell.  The following book is  collection of piano solo arrangements of music he composed for this film, including the achingly beautiful "Bella's Lullaby" and ten more pieces: Dinner with His Family * Edward at Her Bed * I Dreamt of Edward * I Would Be the Meal * In Place of Someone You Love * The Lion Fell in Love with the Lamb * Phascination Phase * Stuck Here like Mom * Tracking * Who Are They?.  Go to Twilight - The Score: Music from the Motion Picture (Piano Solo Songbook).



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