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Music Theory for the Young Child - Whole Note

Downloadable in pdf format for beginning music students aged 4 to 10

Whole Note Music Theory Worksheet for the Young Child

This free printable music theory worksheet teaches young students what a whole note is and how to draw whole notes.  A whole note looks like a circle, or a half note with no stem.  Children can draw the whole notes in Mr. Owl's belly.  This is great for early childhood beginners or young students who are just starting out on their music instrument.


No H in Snake: Music Theory for Children

If you are looking for a good music theory book, you may consider the following book based on the Suzuki method.  Based on the universally respected concepts of Shinichi Suzuki, this teacher's text was developed to aid young students in learning music theory while learning to read music. 168 games are presented with illustrated step-by-step suggestions.  It is spiral bound and includes theory games presented in a carefully ordered learning sequence.  It is suitable for children aged 4-10.

Go to No H in Snake: Music Theory for Children.

The instructions read: A whole note receives four counts.  Practice drawing whole notes.

Click on the screenshot image to the left or the bold title link above to download in pdf format.


Download Whole Notes Music Theory Worksheet for the Young Child.