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Music Theory for the Young Child - Left Hand and Right Hand

Downloadable in pdf format for beginning music students aged 4 to 10

Left Hand and Right Hand Music Theory Worksheet for the Young Child

This free printable music theory worksheet teaches left and right hand to the young child.  The child will have an opportunity to trace their left hand and right hand on this worksheet, then number their fingers from 1 to 5.  Great for early childhood beginners or young students who are just starting out on their music instrument. 


Alternatively, if you are a music teacher looking for more music worksheet resources, I highly recommend the following book, which contains over 80 pages of worksheets on notespelling, rhythm, chords, key signatures, Soduko games, crossword puzzles, practice charts and more! The pages are perforated for ease in removing and reproducing for students.  Check out Piano Teacher's Resource Kit: Reproducible Worksheets, Games, Puzzles, and More!


The instructions read: Trace your left hand and right hand in the boxes.  Then number your fingers from 1 to 5.

Click on the screenshot image to the left or the bold title link above to download in pdf format.


Download Left Hand and Right Hand Music Theory Worksheet for the Young Child.