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Music Theory Worksheet - Lesson 23: Circle of Fifths

Downloadable in pdf format for music students

Lesson 23: The Circle of Fifths

The Circle if Fifths diagram is a graphical representation of relationships among the 12 major and minor keys and their corresponding key signatures.  The Circle of 5th shown here shows the major keys.  

Key signatures containing sharps are presented clockwise on the outside of the circle in order of ascending fifths. With each added sharp, the key advances five letter names and the tonic moves up a perfect fifth.

Click on the screenshot image to the left or the bold title link above to download in pdf format.

Music resource recommendation: The Chord Wheel: The Ultimate Tool for All Musicians

Alternatively, if you wish to purchase an instructional tool to help with chords and key signatures, I recommend the following chord wheel.

The Chord Wheel is a revolutionary device that puts the most essential and practical applications of chord theory into your hands. This tool will help you improvise, comprehend key structure, transpose keys instantly, and help in your own songwriting and compositions.  No music reading is necessary.  Go to The Chord Wheel: The Ultimate Tool for All Musicians.