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Music Theory Worksheet - Lesson 13: Eighth Rests

Downloadable in pdf format for music students

Lesson 13: Eighth Rests Music Theory Worksheet

This free music theory worksheet introduces the eighth rest.  It shows what an eighth note looks like and gives students practice drawing eighth notes. 

An eighth rest has a value of half of a beat.  It has the same rhythmic value as an eighth note, except an eighth rest represents a half beat of silence.  

Click on the screenshot image to the left or the bold title link above to download in pdf format.

Piano Adventures Theory Book, Primer

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What this worksheet is about:

An eighth rest looks like a slanted number seven with a dot on the left, shown as follows. 

 An eighth rest has a value of half of a beat.  That means two eighth rests equal one quarter rest, or one beat.  When writing the counts, use a plus sign (+) for eighth rests. 


Download Lesson 13: Eighth Rests Music Theory Worksheet.