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Music Tempo Flashcards (Italian) - Level 1

Downloadable in pdf format, print the flashcards yourself

Tempo (Italian) Flashcards - Level 1

Tempo markings are words that indicate the speed of a musical piece.  These flashcards display the most commonly used Italian tempo markings and their definitions.  In Level 1, 14 tempo markings are included, such as grave, largo, adagio, lento, andante, con moto, moderato, allegretto, vivace, allegro, presto, vivacissimo, prestissimo, and rapido.

To use these flashcards, print them on heavy stock paper, cut on the solid line, fold on the dotted line, and tape the edges together.  No double-sided printing needed!  Instructions are included at the bottom of each page.

Do your students need help with music terms?  This Set of 34 Music Terms includes easy-to-read flash cards printed on cardstock.  Terms include tempos, symbols, dynamics, and musical elements.  I love these because the cards are large and the notes are clearly displayed in big font.