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Music Note Name Identification Speed Test - 
Grand Staff (50 Notes)

Downloadable in pdf format



Note Naming Speed Test - (50 Notes)

This is a different version of the note naming speed test on the grand staff with 50 notes presented.  This test does not include any notes on the ledger lines (except for middle C).  This is simpler than the test with 100 notes and can be used to build up more note reading skills before trying the 100 note test.  

Can you name 50 musical notes on the grand staff in 1 minute?  If not, how many notes can you name in a minute?  This worksheet will test how quickly music students can identify and name notes.  Use it in combination with the other speed tests to increase your note reading ability.  Try it weekly and see if your time improves!

Click on the screenshot image to the left or the bold title link above to download in pdf format.

Another music flash card recommendation: Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory: Note Naming Flash Cards

Need help with note reading?  I think that the best way to improve note reading skills is through flash cards.  It helps speed up your recognition of notes and allows you to practice note reading away from the instrument.

These Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory: Note Naming Flash Cards include 60 note naming cards, containing 96 notes and rests in the alto, treble and bass clefs. It is organized into 4 progressive sets and may be used with any beginning music theory course. Highly recommended!