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Music Note Name Flashcards - Bass Clef

Downloadable in pdf format, print the flashcards yourself

Music note name flashcards - bass clef

These flashcards display the most commonly used notes in the bass clef, from low G to middle C (no ledger lines).  Each note is clearly displayed in large font and when cut on the dotted line, the flashcards are all the same size to make for easy review and study.  

Music teachers can distribute each pagae gradually one at a time as the student begins learning the notes in their method books.  The first page shows the notes in the middle C position (bass F to middle C) to correspond with most beginning piano method books.

It is recommended to print these files on heavier card stock paper.  My piano students love cutting on the dotted lines themselves and writing the answer on the back to make their own flashcards.  

Do your students need help with note reading?  These Complete Color Coded Flash Cards for All Beginning Music Students include all of the music notes, symbols and terms needed for the first two years of study on any musical instrument.  I love these because the cards are large and the notes are clearly displayed in big font.